C + S | An Afternoon June Wedding

When I first arrived at the home of Sean & Christie to begin the wedding day with the groom, I found the guys relaxed, sipping on beers underneath the cool breeze of the back porch fan, laughing, chatting, and listening to a summer time mix of reggae and country music.  I knew immediately, without a doubt, it was going to be an amazing day filled with laughter and love.

As the morning continued, the grooms party made their way from the house to a local bar.  There sat Sean and his soon-to-be father-in-law, two men both in love with Christie: one as his precious daughter, and one as his soulmate and future wife.  They toasted one another, hugged, and embarked on the day together.

The ceremony, held at the couples family church, included a beautiful chorus of cousins & family, and a mass held by a priest who emphasized the choice they were making; the commitment to the other.  As the vows were completed, the beautiful train of Christie's dress & veil filled the isle as she left, glowing, hand in hand with her now husband.

The sun was in full force this June afternoon, reaching over 90 degrees, so my mission as a photographer was to find the soft even light of shade.  

We swept the two lovebirds away for a private moment.  

A moment to breathe.  

To enjoy each other.

To be embrace their love.

Ready to celebrate with their family, they entered their reception hall to the cheering of their closest family & friends.  Amazing local barbecue was on the menu, a fantastic DJ kept the celebration upbeat, and the couple danced the night away with the only person in the world that mattered that night... each other.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple, what an amazing celebration!