forgiving yourself of imperfections

I realized something while at the Click Away conference... I first and foremost want and need to create and write for myself.  I try to shoot something every day.  Does it always happen?  Nope.  But, I am trying, and for no other reason than I love it.  

Yes, blogging is important for SEO and gaining internet traction and all that important business stuff.  But the real importance in writing for me is because it is truly another creative outlet that I enjoy.  I write like I journal, and I write when I have something I need to speak.  And in reality, I work a full time 50-hr a week day job, I have two toddlers, a home to maintain and a husband to love.  I'm working on growing a photography business in my night hours because I truly love it.  I need it and I want it to see it grow.  But if I slip up on blogging, I have to give myself grace.  I can't do it all, and I am far from having everything together.

For those that read this, I know you too deserve grace in your life and understand <3

My little family took a vacation last week that was years overdue.  I completely unplugged from work, email, social media, educational classes, stress, mental clutter, and from the daily grind.  I saw my kids for a full week straight.  A full week.  It's hurts my heart that that is what I don't get on a daily basis in my life - my kids all day.  But I don't, and I did this past week, and I loved every single minute of it. 

I'll be sharing more images from our trip and my time at Click Away, but here are a few favorites that I absolutely love.  My kids turned into their true summer selves and spent most of their time on the beach completely nakey <3



When's the lat time you unplugged?