Stephanie & Cece | Pasadena Waterfront Sunset | Maryland Motherhood Photographer

 Photo by Emmy Shepherd Photography.  Professional images taken of Emmy's clients in their home.


Nursing with a Bump.


This beautiful mama experienced some major curve balls thrown at her during the early stages of nursing her first baby, the beautiful CeCe.  As she overcame a health scare no young mother should experience, she found out she was pregnant with baby #2.  A blessing to any woman, but a particularly special one given the road she has traveled.

As many of us moms have experienced, we don't alway get to control the level of our milk supply.  I, for example, unfortunately couldn't nurse my second child past 6 months due to a busy work schedule and generally low supply. It's hard to realize in the middle of your nursing journey that this too will not last forever.  That this is a season of life that is fleeting and whether you are ready or not, it too will be gone one day. 

I am so grateful that Stephanie wanted to immortalize the nursing bond between her and her daughter with a beautiful sunset motherhood session <3


As a woman I secretly want to be photographed naked, but have always talked myself out of that boudoir session or intimate self portrait I had in my mind.

Have you ever wanted to create a certain art with your own body but you're afraid to put out into the world?

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 Personal lifestyle/ documentary family photography taken by Emily Shepherd of Emmy Shepherd Photography, LLC.Wedding photography taken by Emily Shepherd of Emmy Shepherd Photography, LLC.  Personal lifestyle/ documentary wedding photography taken by Emily Shepherd of Emmy Shepherd Photography, LLC.

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