Christina | Family Photographer | Centreville, MD

My sister-in-law is one of the strongest, most fearless/ badass women that I have in my life.  Critty is unapologetically herself, a quality I have seriously admired since the day I met her.

Her youngest Harper and my oldest Gavin are just a couple months apart in age.  We were pregnant together, I had just started to settle down in Maryland, and we were excited to be raising our families together.  Soon after Harper was born, plans changed, and her family moved a couple hours away up to PA.

In the grand scheme of things, a couple hours is not far.  But it's not "Hey, let's grab drink after work" close either.  Although I've known Crit for over 10 years, our pregnancy really cultivated a bond between us that we didn't have before.  I wanted her around. 

As the years have gone by though, I've realized with many of the relationships in my life, including with Critty, that family and true love of a friendship really does last the distance.  It's cliche I know, but so many of the good things in life have a cliche saying that is true.  Critty is the only sister I have, the sister I have has always dreamed of, and I know will be there for me in friendship forever.  I love her girls as if they are my own, and am so grateful to be part of this incredible family of strong women.

Love you Crit!

Entire series shot with a Canon 5D Mark III, 35MM 1.2 lens