Emotional Exhaustion

This week has certainly been a challenge for me.  We all have those weeks where our mind doesn't stop, right?!

As a photographer, I rely heavily on technology and my workflow.  I have been educating myself and fine tuning my workflow, as I learned the hard way a messy workflow creates lots of extra time sitting at my computer editing and culling images.  Well, that all came to a crashing halt on Monday when my external hard drive containing all my working images, had a total failure.

Yep - the thing crashed.

(enter anxiety, over-thinking, and total frustration)

The drive has been sent out for a common (yet expensive) data recovery process, but I would be lying if the loss didn't mess with me a bit.  It put a total halt on me, both mentally and in my ability to add and edit images.  I don't have access to my images, and as a photographer, I feel totally lost.  I've noticed myself spending more time this week comparing my work to other photographers I admire than getting out and taking pictures myself.  The 'comparison trap' struggle is real, and not a place I want to hang out permanently.

However, I have learned 2 valuable lessons through this experience... 1. invest is a better storage system so this never happens again, and 2. just keep moving.  Not to let money, or self-doubt, or outside influences stop the passion of getting my work out there.  

So.. I picked up my camera, went to my happy place, and spent time practicing my lifestyle work with my 35mm 1.4.  Focusing on prune-y fingers and wet little faces was exactly what I needed <3

If you too have a passion and feel like you're stuck in the same place, don't give up!  You have too much to share with the world to stop now.