Maryam | Maternity Photographer | Pasadena, Maryland

I fully believe that people are brought into our lives for a purpose.  Whether it's for a short blip in your timeline of life, or to be part of your world for the long term - if we allow them, every relationship has the ability to teach us something about ourselves.  Luckily for me, at 21 years old, I met Maryam.  The most incredible friend + mentor + teacher who has taught me how to be kind yet firm in business, how to see the positive in a tough situation, and has always lifted me up and believed in me when I've needed it most.  I joke that I'm an "adopted Emdadi", but I don't think even Maryam realizes how much that actually means to me. 

This blog post is long overdue, having shot our maternity session over 3 weeks ago, but to be honest - the month of September has been stressful.  A high pressure month Maryam knows quite well.  We work in the same industry, and September is the boiling point of deals closing, deals slipping, pipeline reviews, forecast calls, late nights and early mornings.  It's been tough, and I lost sight of my writing and creative work.  But looking through the pictures of her shoot has brought me back to a better headspace- even in art she continues to inspire me.

Mayam (as I call her) did not want a maternity session.  She only agreed to this shoot for me, and she was certain she wasn't going to like any of her pictures.  She, like so many pregnant mama's, would prefer not to be the focus of a camera.  She is expecting her second child, a little boy, and I knew that if I didn't push a bit, this would be another pregnancy without a single picture taken.  

Maryam, you're beyond beautiful inside and out.  And I know how cliche that is, but for you it's not just words, it is the truth. 

Aria is lucky to call you mommy.  

Your little man is lucky to be brought into a world that's created by you.  

And I am so lucky to call you my friend <3   


Entire session shot with a Canon 5D Mark III, 35MM 1.4