The Power of a New Year | Strength in Self Reflection

With a New Year comes new beginnings.  To breathe a new life.  To begin manifesting our deepest wants and desires.  A New Year imposes optimism and positivity, and I plan on riding this wave for as long as I possible can.  Forever, hopefully.

2017 was a tough year for me, mentally.  I was starting my first full year at my job with a quota that completely intimidated me.  I committed to making financial investments into my growth as a photographer, and creating a business.  Creating a business.  It sounds so easy when written.  I had no idea how far it would challenge me.  I faced a lot of fears in self-doubt, sheer oblivion on what to do, debt, and pure raw exhaustion.

What I didn't do in the second half of 2017 (the half of the year which is always my most stressful) was take care of my soul.  I stopped meditating and allowed fear to completely consume my every thought.  I spent many a days in tears, feeling as though I was a failure before I even began.  It was utterly exhausting and I never want to allow myself to get to that point again.  

There are a few things I've decided to do at the very start of 2018 to create healthy habits.  Commitment to a 30-day yoga challenge, commitment to a 52-week 'Life in 52' photography challenge that focuses solely on image of our life as a family, and a commitment to 40-days of meditation through Gabby Bernstein's 'May Cause Miracles' book.  Although that may seem like a lot of commitments, they are all purely for me.  I deserve to put me first; we all do.

For 2018 I've decided to choose a word that I will use as my guiding light when times get tough.  That word is Surrender.

I surrender to the universe, to my practices, to my fears, my writings, to my doubts, to a power greater than me  I surrender to not forcing control.  To giving my best, working my hardest, and releasing it up to the universe to do the rest.  I've marked my calendar for July 1st to be my reminder to take a breather, reflect on the first half of the year, and decompress as though it's the start of a new year.  

2018 I will continue to push myself to grow, but not at the expense of my emotional health.

Here's to starting a new, healthier journey, and celebrating the New Year with my first image of 2018 <3

Week 1 of 52 Lifestyle photography challenge


How do you plan on re-starting you in the new year?!  Share with me in the comments below!