Social Validation vs. Self-Love

This week I decided to take even more steps towards self care, both with and without my camera in hand.

Given the amount of snow we've been receiving here on the Eastern Shore, the beautiful pond across the street from our home froze over.  Monday afternoon, after getting home from work a bit earlier than usual, I noticed some boys playing hockey out on the pond.  It was before the ice storm was due to roll in, so I bundled my kids up and we walked the short distance to get a closer look.  No, we didn't last long, but the spur of the moment time outside (without my phone) and just with my babies, was to me a perfectly spent afternoon.

Secondly, I decided to remove all social media notifications from my phone - ahhhh what a relief already !  And not only that, I moved all my social media apps away from my home screen, replacing them with apps like Headspace, Asana Rebel, Audible, and my iWatch Activity Tracker.  So easily I get time sucked into mindless scrolling, seeing if people liked my latest IG post or watching depressing videos that just seem to keep popping up in my feed.  

I have found when I post for social validation, I feel anxious without likes - it's actually quite ridiculous and self-inflicting.  However, when I post for myself, I couldn't care less if it goes unnoticed by the internet world.  I enjoy sharing my life and my feelings on my social media platforms.  I think gone are the days of pretending everything in life is rosy, and I am okay with celebrating the amazing great in my life and the hard lows with those who are interested.  But it must be on my terms, or I will continue to get sucked into comparison traps and validation anxiety.  So here's to self love in Week 2 of 2018!

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