Reflecting on January 2018

January is coming to an end, and this has honestly been one of the best months I've had in a long time.  I set my mind to making myself a priority, practiced yoga every day, meditated daily, and released my anxieties to the wind!  

It's working, whatever it is, I feel more calm now than I have in the past 2 years.

I didn't have much time to shoot this week, but I photographed with intention.  I want to spend this year defining what beauty means to me.  What connections I'm looking for, and not just seeing everything as "pretty".  Really hone in to my eye.

 Here are some favorites from my last week in January...

Looking through these pictures as I edit, I just can't believe how big my baby boy is.  Time is just such a force I can't comprehend yet...


How is your year going so far? Tell me in the comments below!