Walls | Family Photographer | Wye Mills, Maryland

The stage in life that many of my friends and I find ourselves in is a whirlwind of young children, pregnancies, careers, mortgages, years past the honeymoon stage within our marriages, a loss of time for anything personal, and distant memories of what life was life carefree and reckless.  

As challenging as our roles have become, every morning and every evening we are hugged tightly around the neck by little arms and told how loved we are.  We feel the little souls who's lives depend one us, and the gratitude for life is all consuming.

Zach and Lisa are no strangers to one another.  High school sweethearts, they can speak to each other without words and understand each others needs without explanation.  To have the honor to photograph a couple, still as in love as they were when they were teenagers, was intoxicating in the best possible way.  

And those two beautiful little boys that call them mommy and daddy, were full of wonder and exploration as we walked the creeks of Tuckahoe National Park.  By the end of our time together, Camden was knee deep chasing frogs, and Hudson- with absolutely no fear- was swimming in the stream fully clothed and loving it!

Lisa makes this stage in life look effortless, expecting her third baby while remaining fully present with the two boys who already call her mom.  Having only known them through mutual friends, I could see there was something very special about this little family, so I asked Lisa if she would allow me to photograph her family for my work. It took only a couple hours for me to realize just how intimately beautiful they truly are...    

Here is the their family's love story in pictures from our adventures in Tuckahoe...