Good Intentions in a Project 52

I believe there are two sides to why I so deeply love photography and have been increasingly drawn to it over the past few years:  

1. I am an artist.  A definition of myself that I have only recently come to accept, as though I never deserved the title before, but I speak my truth more easily through creating.  Creating images, writing words, telling my own personal story in hopes of connecting with another person.  I am an artist. and...

2. Fear of forgetting.  I have a very poor memory, and since becoming a mom, the fear of forgetting these precious years of my children as they are young is very real to me.  I'm not a scrapbooker, I'm not crafty in the traditional sense, I haven't even made a baby book for my second child.  But I do have pictures; they are my treasures, my life's stories.  In some strange way they ground me in what is important in my life, and when my camera is in my hand I am allowed to just be.

I've never attempted a year long project.  The thought of committing (and staying accountable) to a long-term creative endeavor has quite frankly terrified me.  Who the hell has the time, as a working mom and side- business solopreneur, to do all this?  Well, I do damnit.  I can do anything I want, right?  We all can.

So, as the first week of 2018 has passed, I have joined a Life in 52 Project with talented photographers from across the world, to document my life as it is.  To commit to at least 1 image a week for all 52 weeks in 2018.  No rules, no guidelines, no competition, no awards.  Just photograph my story as beautifully or as gritty as I please.  To push myself creatively and remind myself that I am worth all the happiness my camera brings me.

I'll also be blogging my favorites throughout the journey, and I would love for you to follow along!  A new website is in the making, and I will be sharing more blogs and content as soon as it's live.  For now, I hope you enjoy WEEK 1:

Submitted Image:

M4H Life in 52 - Week One


This was a week of pushing myself into low light images.  Inside, my house has extremes of light and dark, so I've been experimenting in areas I wouldn't have normally.  Some more of my favorites from throughout the week (and as always, way too many of my little missy <3):



How are you planning on memory keeping this year?!

I thank you, and namaste <3