Dancing in the Rain

This girl, and these little toes...

We barely made it to the hospital before I realized she was coming, and I was not ready.  Delivering my baby without medication, in a triage room, was not a part of my birth plan.  In the moments leading up to an uncontrollable need to push, I was consumed in pain and fear.  

But in that moment, it was me and her.  No one else.  We were connected on a level that belonged to only us.  

Her life was dependent on my strength, and my life was dependent on her safety. My mind cleared, and the strength to deliver her naturally flooded over me.  

And then, there she was!  

Perfect thick black hair, button nose, red lips, beautiful brown eyes.  She has been my muse since the moment I laid eyes on her; my angel fish.

Now, even at the young age of 2, her free spirit shines through those two big brown eyes.  She waits for no-one and sings to the rhythm of her own songs. 

During one of the many crazy thunderstorms that have hit the Maryland Eastern Shore recently, instead of waiting out the storm, my girl was outside dancing in it...

Entire series shot with a 35MM, Canon 5D Mark III