The Magic of an Eastern Shore Farm

I have only made it to our local farm with my babies once this year.  Once!  This is not the first time work has overtaken my time with my family (either mentally or physically), and unfortunately it won't be the last.

The corn fields behind our Eastern Shore home were harvested a few weeks ago while I was still at work.  I look forward to that harvest, to watch my kids in awe of the combine (or whatever that farm machine is called lol), and I missed it.  Another long Friday at the office took my time away from an impromptu tractor show at my house.

I struggle every day with the tug and pull of being a working mom, as every mom in some way feels torn about an aspect of her life.  Sometimes it's great, to have a career to call my own.  I've worked hard for it, endured the stress, afforded experiences, built a life I love.  While other days (many other days) all I want to do is be home for those mundane moments that I love that I know I am missing out on.  I was sad to miss that corn harvest this year, to be told after the fact that the farmer stopped to give all the kids tractor rides.  I guess it's these disappointing times that bring an awareness to me when I am home.  That's why I photograph all the little things, because it's the little details I hold onto.  To photograph it means I can always have it, even when I miss so much, I try to keep every moment that I can.

So yes, I've only been to Councell once this fall, but it was a perfect windy day.  My kiddies swung like only toddlers can on the massive tire swing, made faces through the wooden farm people cutouts, climbed tractors, and fed corn they picked to those curious looking goats.

I had my kids, time, my camera, and my presence of mind, so I'll take it <3 

Image blog of my babies enjoying life and bringing me along for the tire ride...


Entire series shot with a Canon 5D Mark III, 35MM.


How do you remain present with your family in the midst of schedule conflicts and busy days?