Rymaruk | Family Photographer | Centerville, MD

My beautiful bestie <3

Everything happens for a reason; the good and the bad.  Before babies and before becoming a mom, I went through an incredibly difficult time of self discovery and decided to go home to Virginia.  It was there, in my lowest moments, that my best friend stood.  I didn't know what I needed, or how I needed her, but she didn't need any guidance.  She swooped in and was there for me in every moment. Every text, every call, every stop by to check in- she was there.  The hardest time of my life brought me back to a friendship that had always been, that I had taken for granted, and it was her friendship that got me through the every day.

I've talked about the friends I miss being far in distance, and I feel it more than I care to mention.  It's these relationships in my life, the ones that require no words to know exactly how the other person is feeling, that I cling to for love and support.  My Tina, I am so grateful that we met when we were 5, that we've grown up together and remained as close as we are, that we are evolving as moms together, that our girls are only months apart in age, and that regardless the distance you remain my forever soul sister <3

You are such an incredible mama, and I know your hustle... I can feel it in your day-to-day.  I hope these images and this time together allowed you to slow down a bit, even for just a moment, because you deserve all of the good in your life <3

Ah I love you!


Shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and of course, my one and only, 35MM.