My Tribe | Vacation Recovery + Self Portraits

The first week back from a vacation is always a tough one.  Getting back into the swing of everything, catching up on work, setting back into our routine.  We had such an amazing time away, it was hard for me to mentally come back to reality.  But, now that we're 2 weeks home, to-do's are starting to get done and normalcy is back in full swing.

A couple weeks ago we experienced incredibly warm weather here in MD, so of course my kids spent their days outside either in the undies or just completely naked.  I swear I just can't keep clothes on them when it's warm, and I honestly don't try that hard to fight it!

I even managed to get in frame more this past week.  It's super uncomfortable for me to take self portraits, especially alone without holding one of my babies.  But I'm determined to expand my creativity, and who better to get comfortable with than myself <3

Here are some of our daily, mundane, beautiful snapshots of nothing extraordinary yet everything special...


How ready are you for spring and warm weather!?