Liz + Zachary | Family Photographer | Bethesda, Maryland

Liz reminds me of what it means to be the "Master Juggler" us moms are.  

Her beautiful little baby boy Zach has a first birthday coming up, a very important milestone in the Korean culture.  Liz and her husband Paul have just moved into a new home, adjusting to new commutes in the busy Bethesda/ DC hustle, new routines, and are planning a large Dol celebration with their entire extended family down in Georgi.  As if she didn't have enough on her plate, Liz realized she wanted a family photoshoot to celebrate her baby boy.  A quick notice session with me, an eastern shore photographer she's never met.  I'm still not completely sure how she found my little space on the internet, but I am so grateful she did.

Liz and Paul welcomed me into their newly moved-into home with open arms and a softspoken kindness.  With a million things going on in their lives, for that hour they were completely present with each other.  The images that came from our time together are some of my favorite to date.    

This little boy is so very loved.  This mama is so very loved.  And this husband is so very loved.

I could tell the minute I met this family that they live in happiness, regardless the stress.  Thank you for finding me Liz and trusting my work, and big happy first birthday little man Zach <3

Entire series shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and of course, my favorite, the 35mm.