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The Power of a New Year | Strength in Self Reflection

With a New Year comes new beginnings.  To breathe a new life.  To begin manifesting our deepest wants and desires.  A New Year imposes optimism and positivity, and I plan on riding this wave for as long as I possible can.  

Forever, hopefully...

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The Magic of an Eastern Shore Farm

I have only made it to our local farm with my babies once this year.  Once!  This is not the first time work has overtaken my time with my family (either mentally or physically), and unfortunately it won't be the last...

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Finding My Artistic Expression at Sunset

This summer has opened my eyes to an awareness that there is a bigger plan for my life.  I can feel it in my bones that my work as a photographer is meant for something greater than myself, I just have yet to discover it...

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Dancing in the Rain

This girl, and these little toes...

We barely made it to the hospital before I realized she was coming, and I was not ready.  Delivering my baby without medication, in a triage room, was not a part of my birth plan.  In the moments leading up to an uncontrollable need to push, I was consumed in pain and fear...  

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Journaling | June 24, 2017

This has been a looooong week, so when we heard the sounds of the ice cream man for the first time in our neighborhood, I felt a familiar sense of childish joy!  Watching my babies pick out ice cream from the colorful pictures on the truck for the first time, and then scarf them down on our front porch in the evening summer heat, was absolutely blissful.

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journaling | may 28, 2017

I am so beyond lucky that I have the most amazing in-laws who live so close to us and adore these kiddies.  A simple stop by for a Friday night pizza party can easily turn into an impromptu hammock shoot and snuggles with pop-pop...

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journaling | may 14, 2017

This weekend with my family was needed. There is so much that's amazing, and so much that's hard when being a mom.  It's a ying & a yang, a constant tug and a pull.  

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