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The Mamasty Blog. The Side Hustle Artist

Changing your mindset, even on the side.

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The Mamasty Blog: Creating within a Community

Creating within a community. Losing the fear and creating within a community.

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The Mamasty Blog. The Start of Something New...

It’s time I share my one truths…

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My Tribe | Vacation Recovery + Self Portraits

I'm totally on a roll of skipping weeks... but hey, at least it's rolling!  Here are some of our daily, mundane, beautiful snapshots of nothing extraordinary yet everything special...

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forgiving yourself of imperfections

My little family took a vacation last week that was years overdue.  I completely unplugged from email, social media, educational classes, stress, mental clutter, and from the daily grind.  I saw my kids for a full week straight.  Just us...

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Reflecting on January 2018

January is coming to an end, and this has honestly been one of the best months I've had in a long time.  I set my mind to making myself a priority, practiced yoga every day, meditated daily, and released my anxieties to the wind!  

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Social Validation vs. Self-Love

This week I decided to take even more steps towards self care, both with and without my camera in hand.

Given the amount of snow we've been receiving here on the Eastern Shore, the beautiful pond across the street from our home froze over...

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Good Intentions in a Project 52

As the first week of 2018 has passed, I have joined a Life in 52 Project with talented photographers from across the world, to document my life as it is.  To commit to at least 1 image a week for all 52 weeks in 2018.  No rules, no guidelines, no competition, no awards.  Just photograph my story as beautifully or as gritty as I please.

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The Power of a New Year | Strength in Self Reflection

With a New Year comes new beginnings.  To breathe a new life.  To begin manifesting our deepest wants and desires.  A New Year imposes optimism and positivity, and I plan on riding this wave for as long as I possible can.  

Forever, hopefully...

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