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The Style


Throughout this style guide I will share with you all of my favorite pieces, favorite stores, style ideas for the men in your life, kids inspiration, and how to best pick out an outfit that is not only beautiful in your final images but makes you feel incredible during your session.

I treat the styling of every session as one of the most important aspects of the shoot.  Clothing and beautiful flowing textiles are incredibly inspiring for not only my own creativity, but creating movement and life into the images.  Having a sense of what you and your family will be wearing will allow me to show up inspired and focus 100% on the connections of your family during our time together.  With a bit of up-front effort put into the right styling of your shoot, the images will inevitably be beautiful and timeless <3

About a month before our session I will schedule a FaceTime call with you to discuss where we are in the styling process, what you're thinking for your shoot, and to show you some of the options I have within my own styling closet.  I like to keep a variety of my favorite pieces on hand and can always bring a backup to our session as an option.

So... shall we? :)


Mama, we always start with you...

Off-the-Shoulder Maxi  Forever 21

Off-the-Shoulder Maxi

Forever 21

Abbie Eyelet Button-Down Dress  Urban Outfitters

Abbie Eyelet Button-Down Dress

Urban Outfitters

Plus size Surplice Maxi Dress  Forever 21

Plus size Surplice Maxi Dress

Forever 21

Elise Lace Maxi Dress  Fig Tree

Elise Lace Maxi Dress

Fig Tree


It is so important for you to feel beautiful and special during your session.  All of the dresses above are $50.00 or less, seriously!  You do NOT need to spend an arm and a leg in styling of your session.  Forever 21, for example, always has fresh new styles on maxi dresses, tops, sweaters, jeans etc and all are available online. 


The Maternity Mama...

"I believe in Unicorns"  Fillyboo

"I believe in Unicorns"


Ivory Floral Short Sleeved Maxi  Pinkblush

Ivory Floral Short Sleeved Maxi


"Brooke" Crochet Maternity Maxi  Fillyboo

"Brooke" Crochet Maternity Maxi


"Wonder Years"  Fillyboo

"Wonder Years"



Maternity dresses can be a bit more expensive and harder to find that perfect match in the big box stores.  Keep an open mind when thinking maternity.  Forever 21 off-the-shoulder dresses work amazingly well for my pregnant mama as well!  If you love the style and color of a non-maternity dress, don't automatically rule it out.  Let's see what we can do to make it (or something similar) work for you.


The Babes...

Once mama has her outfit together, next we move onto the kiddies...

Striped Romper  Wolfechild

Striped Romper


Trousers with front pocket  Zara

Trousers with front pocket


Nellystella Ella Dress  The Girls @ Los Altos

Nellystella Ella Dress

The Girls @ Los Altos

Eyelet Flutter One-piece  Gap

Eyelet Flutter One-piece



Many of my favorite styles for the littles of the family come from Zara, another very affordable clothing store that sells unique pieces with beautiful buttons and classic lines.  Depending on the time of year, in the summer babies can be left shirtless and barefoot with a cute jumper!  Fall and winter months we want to make sure they are bundles in layers with a focus on choosing outer layers that are photo ready.

Quick tip: Shop for what fits them today.  Typically, when you are shopping for your little one for your session you will be looking for special pieces for the session itself, so I recommend finding an outfit that fits really nicely now without the usual plans we have of them growing into it.

The Men...

Finally we reach the men of the family!

Slim Fit Pant  Old Navy

Slim Fit Pant

Old Navy

Casual Classics  Johnston &amp; Murphy

Casual Classics

Johnston & Murphy

Slim Fit Chambray Shirt  Old Navy

Slim Fit Chambray Shirt

Old Navy

Long Sleeve Marled Henley  Gap

Long Sleeve Marled Henley



The guys of the family are typically the most neutral to style.  Simple solids and slim fit pants are all that's needed for dad!  Add on a layer of a sweater in the winter months and he is good to go.

Have a guy that's a bit more casual (like my hubby!)- Henley's can be found at almost every store in so many amazing colors.  They are classic and simple but still make your man look put together.  Pair that with a nice pair of fitted jeans and slip on shoes and he is good to go!

Quick tip: Treat dad to something special with a new pair of shoes!  Men's shoes can be an eye sore in images when not considered during the styling process, so remember to keep the socks below the ankles and the kicks simple, clean and fresh ;)

Style Recap


We've gone through and talked about all the different people in your family, but of course all families look different and dress differently.  If you have a concept or specific idea on how you want your session to be styled, let's chat about it during out FaceTime call!  The most important thing about styling is that you feel amazing and relaxed in what you are wearing.  To show up, ready to connect with your family and have a good time is what this is all about!


Here are some additional quick tips when thinking about styling:

1. Simplicity is key.  We are here to focus on you and your family, not the belt or the headband or whatever isn't fitting correctly.  We want simply designs, simple patterns and neutral colors that enhance the image, not detract from it.  That goes for hair and makeup as well.  K.I.S.S. ;)

2.  Less is more.  Less jewelry, less accessories, less fuss!  

3.  Dress for the weather.  If it's the middle of summer and a super hot day, plan on dressing in lighter fabrics that allow you to move and breathe among the heat.  If it's late fall and getting quite cold, there are ways to dress up a flow gown with stylish knee high socks and boots and a warm warm sweater.  Layers are our friend in the winter, but we still want fabric movement.

4. Bring a couple options if you are unsure.  I will work with you to decide what will look best, but if you are still really unsure between a couple dresses bring them both to the session and we can decide right there together!

5.  I want to help you.  It is not an inconvenience to ask my opinion on outfits and what looks best, that is why I am here!  To ensure the creativity flows and you receive the most authentically amazing images from your time with me.  I will schedule FaceTime call with you discuss your outfits about a month out from your session date, but if you need more help shopping or picking out specific dresses let me shop with you!  We can online shop together, share dress inspirations and find the most perfect dress for you.

If you don't have it already, my cell phone is 703-943-0673.  Shoot me a text, send me pics, and we'll chat on FaceTime!


Now, let's briefly talk about what I recommend avoiding in your clothing selections:

1. Fluorescents:  Florescent colors tend to color cast on faces, necks, and hair creating unnatural skins tones in your images that may require additional editing charges.  These colors include anything bright: hot pink, fire engine red, bright yellow, etc. We want to stick with an earth-toned palette such as mustard yellow, brick red, navy blue, etc.

2. Avoid logos or anything with characters.  Elmo is cute and Peppa is loved, but not plastered on your wall.  These characters can also create a challenge around copyright, prohibiting you from sharing your images without permission from the brand.

3. Avoid flashy and oversized hair bows, spider-man sneakers, and anything else that will detract from the family as a whole.

4. Green.  I love green and I think hunter green can be a very flattering color, but let's be very intentional on where we choose to photograph your family if green is a color you must have.  Given that I primarily shoot outside in earthy areas, Green clothing can blend in with the scenery. 

5. Avoid loud patterns, wrinkled clothes, and big white leather sneakers.

6. For dada's and boys- in the summer months steer clear of socks!  They don't photograph well, so I recommend sock-less for the session.  For my son, I would bring an extra pair on the side!  And certainly no open-toed sandals for dad- I'd prefer barefoot over open-toed menswear.

7. Avoid dressy clothes- this really isn't that type of shoot.  Casual and comfortable is what you are looking for!  If you are looking to break away and have a more formal attire, let's talk more about it so I can understand your vision!


What's Next?

Time to get shopping! I've curated a page filled with shopping links so you can sort favoriting the pieces that sing to you....  



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